The City of Secrets has more secrets and hidden places than anyone could have imagined.

For example did you know that the underground kingdom owes a lot to the pioneers of aviation?
Unfortunately our friend Moles wasn't an aviation pioneer at all...
As always he breaks everything he touches. Being a first engineer on a royal steam powered flying machine, he almost leads the ship to a crash, completely destroying the ships pipe system. Your task is to reconstruct the system to gain a full steam pressure, and rescue Moles and the whole ship from an epic disaster.


Reiner Knizia and Aidem Media, to celebrate the upcoming release of City of Secrets 2, present to you Pipes. A new and refreshed edition of the popular board game, designed to fit the style of The City of Secrets.

Clear and easy-to-understand rules.

An addictive challenge for all logic puzzle lovers.

50 challenging levels, divided into 2 categories.

Tekst alternatywny Tekst alternatywny Pipes
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